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Mishawaka Amphitheatre
13714 Poudre Canyon Highway
Bellvue, CO 80512

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Mon - Thu 8AM- 4PM PDT
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US 877-840-0457
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Lois and the Lantern with Elise Wunder

Lois and the Lantern

(Rescheduled from February 21st, due to inclement weather)

Saturday April 18th, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 7:00 PM)

Lois and the Lantern was formed in 2014, the happy result of a monthly women’s musical gathering lovingly entitled “Clam Jam.” The band is made up of 4 members: Saja Butler (banjo, guitar, ukulele and vocals), Theresa Brodzinski-Norton (guitar, banjo, trumpet, vocals), Tara Lynne Sparks (bass), and Mary Merritt (mandolin, vocals). The gals are proud to sing their unique originals while also picking crowd-pleasing covers by unexpected greats like The Ramones, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Bad Religion and more. Lois and the Lantern has a diverse musical palette, writing originals that are influenced by multiple genres such as bluegrass, blues, folk, rock and more.

Elise Wunder covers Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull. Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Zeppelin. Gillian Welch. Ray Lamontagne. And she does it with a voice of oak and leather; a tone that’s soft and comforting but with an unmistakably solid foundation. Her style is heavy in a way that does not suggest world weariness so much as it does wisdom and an old soul. Her voice will take you by surprise, especially when she sets it loose at an unexpected moment and you realize the power that she has been holding back.

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8:00 pm
SpokesBUZZ Lounge Bellvue, CO

Hog MaGundy

With opening acts Mustard Licks and Cosmic Mesa
Saturday May 9th, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 7:00 PM)

Hog MaGundy formed in early 2013 in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Through a shared passion of bluegrass and jam music we bring a new kind of foot-stomping-good-timey grass band to the Front Range and beyond! Hog MaGundy shows are a mix of unique originals and covers from across the musical spectrum that will be sure to get the dance party started!

Hog MaGundy has traveled from all across the Rocky Mountains, through scorching deserts and over thousands of miles of farmlands to brings the party to venues across the country. We can be found at venues like The Aggie Theater, Fly Me To The Moon Saloon, The Dicken’s Opera House, The Buffalo Rose, The Lazy Dog, The Barkley Ballroom & Hodi’s Half Note where we consistently play to sold out audiences and festivals like Wakarusa and Arise Music Festivals.

Hog MaGundy has shared the stage with Rusted Root, Goodnight Texas, Genetics, Chicago Farmer, Old Shoe, James & The Devil, Vagabond Swing, Policulture, Brother’s Comatose, Renegade Stringband, Beatgrass, Bonnie & The Clydes, Technicolor Tone Factory, Qbala, The Hot Licks & more!

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8:00 pm
SpokesBUZZ Lounge Bellvue, CO

Head For The Hills Pickin’ on the Poudre

Head For The Hills

With Bonnie Paine & Daniel Rodriquez (of Elephant Revival) and Friends
Saturday May 16th, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 6:00)

Head for the Hills has a simple but continuing dilemma they can’t seem to resolve. Specialists have been hired to no avail and the predicament persists: how does one describe the multifarious music of Head for the Hills? Among the top contenders are catchy turns of phrase like post-bluegrass, progressive string music, modern acoustic noir, and bluegrass bricolage.  “On top of modern string music,” (Bluegrass Today), “Cutting edge,” (Drew Emmitt) or “Best in Colorado Bluegrass” (Westword Showcase Readers Poll)—those are up there too. Strip away the artful descriptors and you have a forward thinking group of {mostly} acoustic musicians drawing on eclectic influences, tastes and styles. They didn’t grow up immersed in bluegrass music but came to it later in life, with each other. The result is a sound based in bluegrass that reaches into indie rock, jazz, hip hop, world and folk to stitch together fresh songs that bridge the divide between past and future acoustic music. Head for the Hills—Adam Kinghorn on Guitar and vocals, Joe Lessard on violin and vocals, Matt Loewen on upright bass and vocals and Mike Chappell on acoustic and electric mandolins—has been bringing their music, whatever you’d like to call it, to audiences from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to South by Southwest and a multitude of stages in between since 2004. The band has independently issued two studio records and one live, been featured on NPR Ideastream and eTown, co-released a beer with Odell Brewing Company in May 2013 and charted on the CMJ Top 200 (Blue Ruin, 2013 and Head for the Hills, 2010).  Blue Ruin, an all-new album of original material is available now.

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8:00 pm
Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO

An Evening with Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Sunday May 17th, 2015 7:00 PM (Doors at 5:00)

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is touring in support of its latest release, Phosphorescent Harvest. Praised by Rolling Stone as “at once quirky, trippy, soulful and downright magnetic,” it’s the band’s third long-playing album for Silver Arrow Records. Robinson declares: "We've created a piece of rock 'n' roll here. People can look to us and rest assured the genre is alive and well. 

In an age when so many put their beliefs in trends, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood is committed to something deeper. In Robinson’s words: "We don't make music that can sell iPads. Our music will not sell you a Prius. I like that. Writing songs has always led me to good things in my life. The songwriting saved me through the dark times, and the songwriting makes it that much sweeter when it’s good. Real success can only come in pursuit of an authentic sound. We’re all very committed to this music, beyond money and egos. That’s a unique place to be." 

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7:00 pm
Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO

Xavier Rudd & the United Nations with Special Guests

Xavier Rudd

With opening act Mike Love
Thursday June 4th, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 6:00)

Since the very beginning, Xavier Rudd's ability to connect with people has been his most powerful gift. The more he has toured the world, the more hearts he has touched and the more of the world he has put back into his music. Now, fronting a band aptly named The United Nations, Xavier Rudd has assembled a lineup of musicians from around the world as a one-people musical force. Making their debut in 2015, Xavier Rudd And The United Nations finds the iconic Australian solo artist in full band mode for the first time in a long and successful career, and introduces new album Nanna to Xavier's diverse and acclaimed discography...

Mixed by Errol Brown at Tuff Gong Studios, Nanna is Xavier's ninth studio album, but his first with Xavier Rudd And The United Nations... finding one of the great solo artists our time fronting a full band with impeccable results. Once again diving into new musical waters, while still holding true to the music in his heart, Xavier Rudd has added another remarkable milestone to his already epic journey; solidifying his place as one of Australia's greatest artists, activists and spirits.

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8:00 pm
Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO

Hayes Carll

With opening act Ginger Whale
Wednesday June 10th, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 6:00 PM)

Hayes Carll is an odd mix. Wildly literate, utterly slackerly, impossibly romantic, absolutely a slave to the music, the 35-year old Texan is completely committed to the truth and unafraid to skewer pomposity, hypocrisy and small-minded thinking.

In a world of shallow and shallower, where it’s all groove and gloss, that might seem a hopeless proposition. Last year, “Another Like You,” Carll’s stereotype’s attract duet of polar opposites, was American Songwriter’s #1 Song of 2011 – and KMAG YOYO was the Americana Music Association’s #1 Album, as well as making Best of Lists for Rolling Stone, SPIN and a New York Times Critics Choice.

But more importantly than the critical acclaim is the way Carll connects with music lovers across genres lines. Playing rock clubs and honkytonks, Bonnaroo, Stones Fest, SXSW and NXNE, he and his band the Gulf Coast Orchestra merge a truculent singer/songwriter take that combines Ray Wylie Hubband’s lean freewheeling squalor with Todd Snider’s brazen Gen Y reality and a healthy dose of love amongst unhealthy people.

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8:00 pm
SpokesBUZZ Lounge Bellvue, CO

Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit

Friday July 31st, 2015 at 8:00 PM (Doors at 6:00 PM)

– Referred to in a recent Relix feature as “The Jamband Velvet Underground,” the influential dada-jam trailblazers Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit will return to rattle the landscape this summer with a series of live performances – than band’s first since a much-talked-about 2011 reunion at the Georgia Theatre in Athens.

With the daring, iconoclastic Hampton at the helm, the Aquarium Rescue Unit played a seminal role in fostering today’s vital, thriving improvisational music community. And their presence is still felt: Since Hampton and the band parted ways in 1993, the band’s members have gone on to both inspire and enliven the music of the genre’s most revered practitioners: Herring (guitar) with Widespread Panic,The Dead, Jazz is Dead, the Ringers, and his own solo project. Burbridge (bass) with his band the Peacemakers and with the Allman Brothers and the Tedeschi Trucks Band; and Sipe (aka Apt. Q-258, drums) with his own trio and collaborations with Phil Lesh, Béla Fleck, Susan Tedeschi, Trey Anastasio, Jazz is Dead, Alex Machacek, Debashish Bhattacharya, and many more. For these dates, the ARU will also be joined by keyboardist Matt Slocum, who performed with them at the 2011 Georgia Theatre show.

Which leaves the good Colonel (retired)...a seismic catalyst of the first order, Hampton’s presence was first felt as a member of the cult Georgia ensemble the Hampton Grease Band. From there, Hampton – a mesmerizing blues-inflected vocalist, freewheeling guitarist, and caustic ringmaster – applied his boundless energy, cosmic wit, and fearless exploratory zeal to pursuits as varied as standup comedy, wrestling, and music ranging from free jazz to hillbilly blues. The Aquarium Rescue Unit coalesced during a weekly jam session in Atlanta before taking their act on the road, signing with Capricorn Records, and helping to found the first H.O.R.D.E. tour.

Bruce is a visionary that has enriched the life of anyone that's worked with him,” says Jimmy Herring. “He gives you an outlet that encourages finding your own voice, but he's quick to point out that freedom can be a prison…”

Being a part of Bruce's musical world is a liberating experience in that he entices the players to discover their true and full expression,” explains Jeff Sipe. “With Col. Bruce there's always the threat that something radically different is going to happen midstream,” Oteil Burbridge adds.

Periodic Aquarium Rescue Unit reunions, both with and without Hampton, have taken place over the past two decades, but these shows represent the band’s first sustained run of dates since 2007. The sets will feature a mix of new and old material. Most crucially, every performance will be recorded for a possible live album release on the Abstract Logix imprint.

While listeners and musicians are already salivating at the potential of this reunion, no one is more excited than the ARU members themselves. “While the youthful ARU was exciting live, I think the more experienced ARU can have more of an impact,” Burbridge reflects. Sipe concludes, “After 26 years, we’re all friends and are still inspired. Getting together again is for me a rare privilege and one that's filled with magic, because each of my friends are so brilliant and truly awesome.”

When asked for his thoughts on the upcoming reunion, Hampton simply responded, “Activate.”

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8:00 pm
Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO

Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham with Special Guests

Saturday August 1st, 2015 8:00 PM (Doors at 6:00 PM)

Ryan Bingham needed some peace and quiet. Free of the burdens that had saddled him during the writing and recording of his recent albums, he relocated to an old airstream trailer tucked away in the mountains of California, camping out for several weeks and embracing the solitude to dig down deep and craft his most powerful album yet, 'Fear and Saturday Night.'

"It gave me the space and time to tap into myself," Bingham says of the experience. "Up there, it was totally isolated. No phones, no noise, no lights. At night the only thing you'd hear is the bugs and the coyotes. It's lonely when you get back up in there and there's nobody around, but for me, I kind of grew up that way in the middle of nowhere. Since I've started touring, I'm surrounded by people all the time, so getting back to the roots of everything, that’s really where I seem to find stuff that's meaningful when I'm writing songs."

'Fear and Saturday Night' is the most authentic, personal, and deeply moving portrait of that man we've heard yet.

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8:00 pm
Mishawaka Amphitheatre Bellvue, CO
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